The circular economy represents a strategic focus for development at Verallia, both in terms of preserving resources and product innovation, and fighting climate change. This is why the actions detailed in this section pertain to all aspects of its production cycle: raw materials consumption, product eco-design, water and waste management, etc. The approach implemented fully aligns with our vision at the European level, which in France has been transposed into the AGEC (Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy) law.

Beyond any regulatory and environmental issues, the Group is duty-bound to optimise how it manages critical resources to ensure that business continues. For example, in 2022, the Group was confronted with some difficulty in procuring cullet. As a consequence of new players entering the market, availability of this resource decreased, while prices increased. Moreover, glass collection method heterogeneity between countries and even cities impacts the quality of collected glass. This is why Verallia works daily to bring together players within the sector and among the regions in order to ensure standardisation of collection processes, and in the long term, make a way to increase the quantity and quality of external cullet.

Our actions to enhance the circularity of glass packaging
  • Maximise the use of external cullet in our products
  • Raise awareness and expand glass recycling
  • Expand glass reuse
  • Develop eco-design for sustainable products
  • Optimise water use and reduce our waste


Find our detailed action plans in our CSR report.


Our white book: reimagining reuse for the circular economy of glass

As glassmaking experts, we cannot afford to be smug about producing an infinitely recyclable material. That’s a great starting point for our industry. But glass is only sustainable when it is reused when and wherever possible and then does, in fact, get recycled.
Michel Giannuzzi
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Verallia
We cannot simply recycle our way out of this issue. Reimagining how we bring products to people without relying on single-use packaging is a crucial part of the solution.
Andrew Morlet
CEO, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Read our white book: reimagining reuse for the circular economy of glass or download the document
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