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Developing solutions to the challenges of packaging in the world

At Verallia, our purpose is to re-imagine glass for a sustainable future. The way people consume and the waste they generate every day pose an unprecedented challenge for the world, and packaging is where this is most acute. As one of the leading glass packaging manufacturers in the world, Verallia has a major role to play in accelerating the transition to sustainable packaging.

Committed to innovation

We want to redefine how glass is produced, reused and recycled, to make it the world’s most sustainable packaging material. 

Making the circular economy of packaging in the world

Recycling and reuse are already built into our business model, but to make glass fully sustainable we need to do more and act beyond our business to strengthen recycling systems and encourage reuse. That’s how we will help to make the circular economy a reality. 

Reducing carbon emissions

The world is on a journey towards a carbon neutral system, so we need to find ways to contribute. That’s why we are innovating to significantly improve our performance on CO2 emissions right across our business – from the energy consumption in our furnaces, to the use of raw materials and cullet, and the design and transport of our products.

Glass-making experts

At Verallia, we are experts at designing, producing and recycling glass. We provide healthy, attractive, and sustainable packaging solutions to more than 10,000 businesses around the world – from the local family-run producers to the large multinational household brands. 

Supporting customer sustainability ambitions

Across the world, we manufacture and recycle locally, very closely to our customers, which means that we are well placed to solving their challenges, every single day. 

Safe and inclusive workplace

Excellent service means working ever more closely with our customers, to create the solutions that help them reduce environmental impact and meet evolving consumer expectations.  

Open and transparent

Openness about the progress we are making and the challenges we are facing must be the foundation we build on. And for our people to continue to rise to new challenges, Verallia has to be a safe and inclusive place to work. 

Collaborating to drive system-wide change

The change needed is systemic, and we only ever hold part of the answers. Progress will be made by defining clear targets and working in common cause with our customers, suppliers, peers, and other partners across the value chain to develop new healthy and sustainable solutions for all. This is how we aim to raise the bar for the packaging industry and set out on this exciting journey to re-imagine glass.