The HR policy also promotes gender equality in the workplace through the following areas:

  • Ensure that recruitment is based on skills alone, thanks to unbiased recruitment tools and a clear, genderneutral description of what is expected of each position.
  • Interview the same proportion of female and male applicants as in the applications received.
  • Ensure a fair Group compensation policy based on a rating system for each job position.


This policy focuses on four priority areas: recruitment, compensation, promotion and the fight against stereotypes.

We adhere to the United Nations Global Compact and are committed to promoting the principles of human rights, environmental protection, international labor standards, and anti-corruption.

Beyond gender diversity, Verallia commits to promoting and developing the diversity of their teams, their gender balance, and the accessibility of workstations. In particular, as an industrial group, Verallia’s ability to accommodate people with disabilities in our plant jobs is crucial to the development of our inclusion policy.

Verallia commits to

  • Make diversity a precious asset.
  • Promote and increase the share of women within the company.
  • Ensure the continued employment of people with disabilities.
  • Promote social dialogue.
  • Promote the well-being of our employees.



  • Renewal of a mentoring program for women at Group level, rolled out across our different divisions
  • Identification of jobs suitable for people with disabilities and local awareness campaigns
  • More than 79 agreements signed in 2023, highlighting the importance and quality of social dialogue at Verallia
  • Implementation of numerous projects to improve the working conditions and well-being of our employees
  • Awards for two environmental projects at our production sites in the United Kingdom and Spain

Create partnerships with our communities

Sites are located at the heart of a number of communities (employees, customers, local communities, neighbouring residents). Integrating production sites into this local ecosystem contributes to the well-being of employees and support for local communities.

The sponsorship actions implemented are consistent with the Group’s CSR roadmap. They are developed locally to allow local leaders to develop better knowledge of the division, its players and its concerns. Verallia, historically close to rural communities (given the location of its plants), is keen to contribute to the economic and social development of communities through sponsorship activities.

Strengthen the impact and consistency of our donations or sponsorship actions with Group values and our purpose.

Since 2022, the process for awarding donations has been harmonised throughout the Group. Project selection is now done by a special committee that places projects with a clear link to Verallia’s purpose in the spotlight.

In 2023, many actions were carried out by the divisions to continue to raise awareness and help their community, on concerns central to the Group’s values such as climate change, diversity and inclusion, and solidarity:

  • Partnership with Progetto Quid in Italy
  • Our commitment to the wine industry in France