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Our teams support our customers around the world by proposing, developing and delivering healthy, aesthetic and sustainable packaging solutions that enhance the value of their products while reducing their environmental impact.

We are 10,000 employees who share the same aspiration: re-imagine glass for a sustainable future. From engineer to furnace operator, R&D specialist, sales manager or industrial designer, we offer a wide range of functions and professions spanning the glass industry’s entire value chain.

Our 177 professions are dedicated to ensuring the quality of our products and services.

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Our values

Care for customers

We are committed to meeting our commitments to our customers. We seek to anticipate their needs and keep our promise to them: design, quality and logistics service that meet their expectations. Each of our employees is actively committed to giving the best of themselves and their skills in all circumstances in order to meet the commitments made to the Group’s customers.

Respect for people, laws and the environment

Respect for people structures the relationship between the members of our Group, at all times and in all circumstances: this includes listening and sincere dialog, as well as protecting the health and safety of our employees. All our companies are committed to applying the laws and regulations in force in the countries where they operate and refrain from deliberately taking advantage of local gaps or shortcomings to deviate from our values. Finally, they are all part of an active approach to protecting and respecting the environment: all our sites set precise and measurable objectives for their environmental performance and regularly monitor this performance.

Empowerment and accountability

We work to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. The Group encourages all of its employees to take initiatives; we support the expression, sharing and respect of the opinions of each and every one of them, in a global approach of responsibility.


We believe in teamwork for the collective success of the Group. This collective work is materialized independently of the organizational structure by transversal working groups (interdepartmental, inter-plants, etc.). As individuals, each person must be able to demonstrate an ability to listen and dialog at all levels of the Group. Mutual assistance, courtesy and teamwork are encouraged and valued.

5 reasons to join us


Integrate the daily life of consumers by participating in the production of healthy, aesthetic and sustainable bottles and packaging.


Share the pride and pleasure of working in an industry with centuries-old know-how.


Imagine our action in a global project of circular economy.


Join an international and multicultural group that promotes internal mobility both geographically and functionally.


Develop your entrepreneurial talent and acquire new skills and methods to progress collectively.

Our Group

Experts in the design, production and recycling of glass packaging, we provide healthy, aesthetic and sustainable solutions to more than 10,000 companies worldwide…

Enhancing the circularity of glass packaging

The circular economy is emerging as a major societal trend. Both markets and consumers are seeing how relevant it is to saving natural resources and energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.