Corporate social responsibility is the implementation of sustainable development by Verallia. We seek to:

  • Have a positive impact on people
  • Respect the environment
  • While being economically viable


The key is striking the right balance, and to do it, we need to build on an unalterable foundation. Verallia has developed a 3-axis strategy based on respecting our values and ethical principles with our suppliers, customers and collaborators.


Enhancing the circularity of glass packaging

The circular economy is emerging as a major societal trend. Both markets and consumers are seeing how relevant it is to saving natural resources and energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Decarbonising our activities

As a material that can be reused and recycled over and over again, glass is an ideal material for a circular economy. However, it still has to be melted down to produce new bottles or jars. Today, this operation is the main cause of CO2 emissions from our Group’s activities.

Ensuring a safe and inclusive work environment for all

The Group’s 10,000 employees can count on their employer’s strong commitment to health and safety. 91% of the employees who participated in the latest engagement survey identified compliance with safety rules as one of the Group’s key professional behaviors. Awareness campaigns, risk awareness programs… are priorities issues Verallia adresses as closely as possible to the field.


CSR: a recent strategy in constant evolution

The CSR department was created at the end of 2018. Now, the CSR department has swiftly evolved into a global network comprising approximately 10 individuals. In 2020, we have defined our purpose as “re-imagining glass for a sustainable future”. This overarching mission serves as a compass, directing and reinforcing all our endeavors.

Find our detailed action plans in our CSR report and our universal registration document.


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