With 34 glassmaking production sites, Verallia’s industrial activity presents risks to health and safety, which must be prevented and controlled. By joining the Group, the employees have come on board a company that has made a strong commitment to ensuring that each person returns home in good health after a day’s work.

Another major challenge for Verallia is developing an inclusive workplace in an industrial context that can create barriers to hiring because of difficult job conditions. For example, positions in the plant have historically attracted less women. They have also been less accessible to people with disabilities, for whom specific adjustments must be made in order to allow them to meet demanding physical requirements. To respond to these constraints, Verallia endeavours to include candidates with a variety of backgrounds in its recruitment process and to guarantee diversity and accessibility in its professions.

Finally, as a responsible employer, Verallia offers sustainable employment with career growth prospects. The Group contributes to the economic development in the local communities where its plants operate. Situated for the most part in rural areas, the company offers its employees the opportunity to acquire skills and unique glassmaking know-how.

Our actions to ensure a safe and inclusive work environment for all
  • Guarantee health and safety for all
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Suport the developement of our employees’ skills
  • Foster employee well-being
  • Partner with our communities


Find our detailed action plans in our CSR report.