Digitizing our industrial facilities

By installing instrumentation connected throughout the production chain, we collect data in real time that allows us to regulate, stabilize and improve our industrial process automatically, to improve the quality of our glass packaging and, above all, to optimize the consumption of energy and raw materials.  We involve our teams in the design of each digitization project. Industry 4.0 allows them to focus on managing more strategic tasks by generating more security and comfort as well as better operational flexibility.

ESIII Advanced Control: symbiosis of Collective Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

We have set up an advanced control system called “Systems Experts III” (or “ESIII”) in all of our Business Units. The ESIII relies on connected instrumentation, data analysis, machine learning and the experience of our foundry operators for quasi-automatic control of our furnaces. The majority of our furnaces are now equipped with it.

Patrice Siatchoua awarded RH&M’s Artificial Intelligence Trophy

On September 24, 2020, Patrice Siatchoua, Data Scientist at Verallia, received the Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Trophy on behalf of the Group. This award, organized by the RH&M Group, highlights the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in organizations.

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