Our attractiveness is a major asset for Verallia. It must not only help us to attract external talent and the skills of tomorrow, but also enable each of our employees to identify with their company and increase their engagement, thereby encouraging them to stay for the long term.

Fair pay is one of the pillars of Verallia’s compensation policies. The sharing of value is structured through individual and collective variable compensation schemes, according to employee categories.

The key component of these schemes is the employee share ownership policy, a strategic pillar for involving employees in the long-term development and performance of the Group. It offers Verallia employees the opportunity to become a company shareholder under special conditions that are approved.

Our goals

  • Foster recruitment of new talents by rolling out new tools and programs.
  • Develop our employees’ engagement.
  • Guarantee fair compensation and ensure value sharing.



  • Numerous local initiatives to attract many young people in a highly competitive job market. In Germany, Verallia undertook several external communication initiatives with the local communities near its plants. They included sponsoring local sports teams, advertising in cinemas and on local bus routes, visiting schools and attending trade fairs.
  • In 2023, a new offer reserved for employees, consisting of a maximum discount of 20% on the share price and an employer matching contribution for each participating employee.
  • New engagement survey, with a high response rate of 67% of our employees and an engagement rate of 60%, an increase of 5 points on the previous survey in 2021.
  • In 2024, Verallia presents its employer branding to promote its expertise and the future of glass professions. the Group is reaffirming its determination to make the most of the diversity of its professions, the legacy of 200 years of glassmaking expertise and their specific characteristics, in line with its promise “Passionate about glass. Inspired by you.”