The general trainings administered by the Group concern compliance, leadership, commitment to company values, specialised occupational training, and EHS. Locally, training actions are defined in the context of specific training plans to meet the needs of our employees as much as possible.

Develop our employees’ skills and support our managers

  • At Group level, we provided over 400,000 hours of training at all sites, on a range of topics including health and safety procedures, quality control procedures, training for production jobs on our sites, and management integration into the company.
  • The Group has launched « Reimagine your future at Verallia ». Available in all the Group’s languages, the training content on the Imagine platform can be customised, thanks notably to the support of business experts, to meet the local needs of each country and the professional profiles of each employee. Using a blended learning model, Verallia combines digital, virtual classroom and face-to face learning to meet a variety of learning needs. It is also designed to evolve, with content regularly updated to keep pace with the latest industry trends.
  • Plant self-assessment in factories for employee development within the VIM (Verallia Industrial Management) bottle initiative.
  • Regional management training programmes launched to develop independence and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Prepare our talents

  • Anticipate employee advancement within the Group through talent reviews.
  • Foster the preparation of our talents by rolling out new tools and programmes. In 2023, these programmes were enhanced and further developed – particularly in Latin America, where the second session of the Leader’s Path programme got underway in Brazil in 2022. This programme aims to empower future executives to reach the Group’s goals through better management of their potential, and a feeling of belonging. This year, 25 managers, of which 40% were women, took part in the programme. In Germany, the Next Generation Leader programme brought together 10 participants for its second edition, which will run until March 2024. They completed a programme of technical training and a personal development module, including individual assessments and coaching.



  • Organisation of bi-monthly career committee meetings to ensure succession planning for our key positions
  • Launch of six mandatory training modules on our new digital training platform
  • Bi-annual review of the organisation’s talent and succession plans across all plants and divisions