Acid etching

Plunged into a bath of acid giving the glass a frosted, sandblasted finish. Acid-etching can be total, partial or with a window.

Screen printing

Stencil-based printing, color after color, using materials such as ink, enamel or precious metals for a variety of effects.

Hot stamping

Transfer of metallized paper to the surface of the glass to obtain matt or gloss metallic effects.


Spraying of lacquer (drying possible by heat treatment at 180° or by UV flashing). Lacquering may be total, partial or gradient.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is the reproduction of a decoration by digital printing. It can be used to achieve photographic quality on an empty or filled bottle.


Saga Décor offers you the possibility to customize your filled bottles by decoration. Compatible with UV screen printing, hot stamping, lacquering and inkjet printing.