New communications campaign for Friends of Glass

New communications campaign for Friends of Glass

Friends of Glass (initiated by The European Container Glass Federation) has launched the "Look beyond the label" communications campaign.This campaign works through third parties and influencers to encourage consumers to choose glass for health reasons.

The campaign's call to action invites women and young mothers to not only look at the labels of products they buy but also to "look beyond the label" to the packaging that best protects products.

The decentralised and multi-media outreach will be activated in 11 countries (Austria, Switzerland, Cheque Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and The United Kingdom) as well as in Brussels where we'll focus on the EU Community of Brussels policy makers, officials, NGOs, industry stakeholders. Media plans are put in place at EU and national level to ensure wide coverage in the press in the next days and weeks. 

What is being released?

An EU press release and press releases from different countries presenting:

  •  European consumer research on food safety and the role of packaging showing for example that for 6 out of 10 glass lovers, health is the key driver to choose glass; that 87% of consumers prefer glass  (up from 74% in 2010); that consumers are worried about chemical transfer from packaging and much more. 


  • A Scientific review of public research on packaging materials confirming that substances migrate from all packaging materials (metals, plastics and paper).  The review concludes that although the risk exposure is considered acceptable, much more research is needed.  Meanwhile if one wants to avoid such substances consumers should choose glass - the most inert and safest for health.


  • Endorsers:  A step change from the past is that this year we are working with independent third party endorsers who will help us to have a wider and deeper influence on consumer opinion.  The EU Scientific Endorser to speak to the media about migration is Prof Dieter Schrenk, Chairman of the Carcinogenesis section of EUROTOX and professor of pharmacology and toxicology at Kaiserslautern). Prof Schrenk's quotes feature in press pieces at EU level (Press statement, Video, Infographic, etc.) and will be available for press interviews in all countries.

We'll also have a major activation of the social media Friends of Glass community to reach out to influential consumers such as journalists, influential bloggers, and opinion makers. Additionally, the Friends of Glass website has been newly revamped for the occasion!


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