Involving our employees in the Group's results

We want to unite our employees around a common project and involve them in Verallia’s value creation. Since 2016, we have therefore proposed five employee shareholding offers to open up the Group’s capital to our employees, under conditions reserved for them. Each of these operations has met with a high participation rate, sending a strong message of support and confidence in our model among our employee shareholders.

A few figures

3.2 %
this is the portion of the Group's capital held directly and through the FCPE by the employees in March 2021.
37 %
this is the percentage of employee shareholders.

The most recent operation, opened in May 2020 in 8 countries, offered our employees a new opportunity to become shareholders and to be associated with the Group’s development and performance over the long term. Nearly 3,300 employees, or 42% of eligible employees worldwide, took part in the offer. The total investment of the Group’s employees exceeded €20 million which, converted into shares, represents 0.9% of our share capital and voting rights.