We attach great importance to social issues such as health and safety in the workplace, employee motivation, the quality of social dialogue, the promotion of diversity and integration into the local social fabric.

We are committed every day to supporting our employees in their professional development in order to promote a strong entrepreneurial culture within our teams, in strict compliance with our values: care for customers; respect for people, laws and the environment; empowerment and accountability and teamwork.

A key element of our Group strategy, our human resources management policy aims to anticipate our skills needs, ensure that critical positions are always filled, create the conditions for employees to adhere to the company’s objectives and meet their expectations. Finally, we remain very attentive to the diversity of our teams’ training, backgrounds, experience and career paths.

For us, sharing and respect for our values form the base of a pyramid on which our mission, objectives and strategy are built. It sets all our teams on the path to operational excellence.

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Support and promote gender equality

To strengthen respect for the principle of equality between women and men, we propose concrete measures aimed at increasing the share of women in the company, enabling them to build a professional career, and to access management positions up to the highest level.

Our policy in this area is aimed at:

  • Encouraging gender diversity throughout the recruitment process and by taking action from the career orientation stage to attract female talent.
  • Guaranteeing professional equality by supporting the accession of women to management positions.
  • Providing for measures to combat stereotypes and measures to promote diversity, in order to contribute to changing attitudes with regard to gender equality.

This policy focuses on four priority areas: recruitment, compensation, promotion and the fight against stereotypes.

We adhere to the United Nations Global Compact and are committed to promoting the principles of human rights, environmental protection, international labor standards, and anti-corruption.