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Verallia’s design and creation work was recognized by eight awards in 2016.


    • SPAIN • High-end Villa de Canena olive oil, magnified by Selective Line’s Moonea bottle picked up a “German Design Award 2016”.This token of recognition comes from the German Design Council at one of the most famous design competitions in the world.


    • FRANCE • Selective Line's Malice collection was awarded a Packaging Oscar for its innovative concept and fashion signature, unique in the glassmaking world. It has already won over many customers who have opted to decorate their bottles using highly differentiating decorating techniques.


    • FRANCE • Marie Morin’s “chocolate cheesecake” received a Snacking Gold award from the specialized review France Snacking. Verallia has exclusively supplied this jar since 2009 and proposes a variety of limited editions for year-end festivities.



    • SPAIN • The Art deco-inspired Marqués de Murietta wine bottle won an IPA Awards. This custom-engraved extra-flint glass bottle belongs to the Selective Line collection.



  • GERMANY • An innovation award-winner for the German environmental NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH), the returnable 75cl Teinacher mineral water bottle is 8% lighter than similar glass models. A saving in resources and energy that also helps minimize the environmental impact of transportation which is reduced as far as possible through local distribution.