4 April 2023

Moody's upgrades Verallia's credit rating from Ba1 to Baa3

Verallia announces that Moody’s has upgraded the Group’s long-term credit rating to Baa3 with a stable outlook.


This upgrade is a sign of full recognition of the Group’s financial strength and the robustness of its profitable growth business model.


Verallia is now rated Baa3 by Moody’s with a stable outlook and BB+ by Standard & Poor’s with a positive outlook.


“The upgrade of Verallia’s credit rating to Investment Grade reflects Moody’s confidence in the relevance of the Group’s profitable growth business model, its operating performance and its financial policy, which have significantly improved its credit profile. We are more motivated than ever to continue to deploy our profitability improvement levers and to maintain our decarbonisation trajectory, that will enable the Group to further strengthen its operational and financial profile over time.” said Nathalie Delbreuve, Chief Financial Officer of Verallia.

Moody’s upgrades Verallia’s credit rating from Ba1 to Baa3
4 April 2023