23 June 2023

Renewed success for the 8th edition of Verallia’s employee shareholding offer one of the pillars of sharing value

Verallia, the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of glass packaging for food and beverages, has successfully completed its 8th employee shareholding offer. On June 22, 2023, more than 3,600 employees, including 76% of French employees, signed up to share in the Group’s development and performance, by subscribing to this major operation. Open from May 3 to 17, 2023 in 9 countries, this programme afforded them exclusive conditions to join the Group’s share capital – i.e. a 20% discount on the share price and a favourable matching contribution plan.

Proof of the success of its strategy and its strong CSR ambitions, Verallia has achieved an excellent 8th edition of its employee shareholding offer. By the close of business on June 22, 2023, over 3,600 employees, or 41% of eligible employees in 9 countries, had invested in the Group, benefiting from an attractive unit subscription price of €30.45[1]. Total investment by Group employees (including the Company’s matching contribution) thus amounts to over €18.6 million.

At the close, 611,445 new ordinary shares, representing 0.5% of the share capital and voting rights, had been issued by the Company. As in previous years, in order to neutralize the dilutive effect of this operation, the Company simultaneously reduced its capital by cancelling 611,445 treasury shares acquired under the share buyback programme[2].

In just 8 years, these operations have already enabled more than 48% of Group employees to become Verallia shareholders, and 88% of French employees, directly and through the Verallia FCPE. Employees now hold 4,2 %[3] of the Company’s capital.

In the words of Verallia’s CEO, Patrice Lucas: “This scheme is rooted in the Group’s DNA and demonstrates once again that we are resolutely committed to sharing value. By involving our employees, we give them the opportunity to participate more fully in the life of our company, and to take an interest in the successful implementation of our strategy. Among other things, this operation also enables us to involve our employees in our economic and financial objectives, and to reinforce the stability of our capital. We also stay on our target to reach 5% employee share ownership by 2025.




[1] i.e. a 20% discount to the average Verallia share price on the Euronext Paris regulated market over the twenty trading days preceding April 29,2023.

[2] Capital increase in par value of €2,066,684.10, with additional paid-in capital of €16,551,816.15. The 611,445 new ordinary shares carry immediate dividend rights, have the same rights and obligations as shares already issued, and have the same rights to any sums that may be distributed, without restriction or reservation. Capital reduction through cancellation of 611,445 treasury shares acquired under the December 6, 2022 share buyback program. The Company’s share capital remains unchanged, with the number of shares issued corresponding to the number of shares cancelled. It amounts to €413,337,438.54 and is made up of 122,289,183 ordinary shares with a par value of €3.38 each.

[3] Post employee share offering 2023 and after capital increase and reduction.


Renewed success for the 8th edition of Verallia’s employee shareholding offer, one of the pillars of sharing value
23 June 2023