Adding Value, Naturally.

Ecova Naturellement valorisant

ECO for eco-friendliness and VA for value. Eco-conceived products are a major aspect of Verallia’s sustainable development strategy. Worldwide, Verallia offers eco-conceived bottles and jars under the name ECOVA.

These containers enjoy all the eco-friendly advantages of glass – a neutral and inert material that is 100% continuously recyclable. Beyond that, however, they also offer a response to environmental concerns: reducing the overall impact on the environment and enhancing the product image with an eco-responsible approach.

  • In production, the ECOVA range meets the same standards of technical and aesthetic quality as traditional models, but with reduced environmental impact.
  • In terms of logistics, ECOVA can result in immediate gains for the customers' environmental footprint and transportation optimization.
  • On the shelf, ECOVA capitalizes on the consumers’ positive perception of glass packaging.
  • For communication, ECOVA designs illustrate a commitment to sustainability.