Responsible Employer

Responsible Employer

Verallia places great importance on issues that affect its personnel, such as workplace health and safety, employee motivation, diversity, good employee relations, labor relations, and involvement in local communities.

The key principles of the Verallia human resources policy are as follows :

  • An ongoing commitment to ensure employee HEALTH and SAFETY
  • Recruitment and relations with schools and universities to further contribute to DIVERSITY and excellence
  • A focus on personal growth and DEVELOPMENT in career management
  • Access to skills and management TRAINING programs
  • Employee ENGAGEMENT with the company's business and social objectives

Human resources are key to Verallia's corporate strategy. Our HR policy, built on experience, wide-ranging expertise, and a commitment to the Principles of Conduct and Action, combines the virtues of strength and proximity by :

  • Devolving management to country and subsidiary level
  • Leveraging synergies at corporate level, with a particular focus on career management, diversity, mobility, and the implementation of our Principles of Conduct and Action

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Social Audits

Employeur responsableDemonstrating its commitment to social and environmental responsibility and reinforcing its competitive advantage in these areas, Verallia was the first glass packaging company to introduce a program of audits carried out by an independent body.

The audits highlighted our excellent performance in employee communications, and our efforts to stop discrimination and to reduce our environmental impact through our programs to reduce energy consumption, CO2 and other emissions, and our structured approach to monitoring safety performance.