Ensure the safety of our teams

Enabling all employees to work safely is one of our four values and one of the components of our purpose: “[…] Verallia has to be a safe and inclusive place to work […].”

Only the constant commitment of everyone to protect themselves and their colleagues will enable us to reduce the number and severity of accidents and to move towards the only acceptable goal: 0 accidents.

It is not a question of luck but of strict application of safety rules, of a management that trains and enforces safety instructions with the active participation of all.

Every day, our sites encourage our employees to ensure their safety and that of their colleagues by reporting every risk and taking immediate action in the event of situations or behavior deemed dangerous.

We also conduct awareness campaigns and coaching sessions every quarter.

A few figures to illustrate safety

100 %
of our glass sites are certified ISO 140001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety)
81 %
of employees identifying risk situations, from 19% in 2017, to 28% in 2018

Verallia, an inclusive Group

Fostering inclusion means being open to all types of profiles, experiences, skills, backgrounds, nationalities, and personalities.

This diversity is the richness of our Group, which aims to promote social inclusion throughout its recruitment process.