A commitment to the circular economy

Glass, a material with exceptional qualities, infinitely recyclable 100%, without alteration regardless of the number of times it is recycled, is unquestionably one of the most sustainable materials. When it comes to packaging with the primary function of storing and preserving food and beverages, glass ensures ideal preservation of food in a sustainable manner (odorless, migration-free).

Our priority today is to produce healthy and sustainable glass packaging with the best environmental footprint. Although our glass bottle and jar production process generates an important level of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, all of our teams (Industrial, Technical, Research & Development, Energy, Purchasing) are constantly innovating to reduce our environmental impact.

Re-imagine glass for a sustainable future”: our purpose sets out our long-term ambition and strategy. In order to play a leading role in the transformation of the packaging sector, and to go even further and progress even faster, Verallia has presented in January 2021 its CSR roadmap, which focuses on three pillars:

Enhancing the circularity of glass packaging by maximising the integration of cullet into its production processes: Verallia is therefore aiming to increase the rate of use of external cullet in production to 59% by 2025, compared to 49% in 2019.

Finally, Verallia would like to promote the viable reuse of glass bottles and jars where it makes sense, as is already the case in Germany, for example. Verallia will therefore launch an initial pilot study in France by 2025.

Significantly reducing CO2 emissions across all Group operations by 2030 through three main levers:

  • Changes in the mix of raw materials intended for glass production with an increased use of cullet and a shift away from carbonated raw materials;
  • A reduction in the energy required for melting glass and other production processes;
  • And an increase in the use of green energy.

This will be achieved through investments of around 220 million euro by 2030, specifically aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. All of these actions should enable Verallia to reduce its CO2 emissions by 46% in absolute value (Scope 1 and 2) by 2030.

Providing Verallia employees with a safe and inclusive place of work by implementing additional regulations in line with EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) standards:

  • The Group reaffirms its objective of achieving zero accident across its sites,
  • It aims to double the ratio of employees with disabilities working in the Group to 6% by 2025,
  • Verallia also aims to increase the gender equality index by 15 points, so as to reach 75 points in all countries where the Group is present,
  • Finally, the Group is committed to continuing and further promoting its employee shareholding ownership policy, which began in 2016, so that Verallia employees will hold 5% of the capital by 2025. They held 3.3% at the end of December 2020.


Moreover, in addition to the measures implemented as a result of COVID-19, the Group intends to continue to support local communities by dedicating 1.5 million euro to local projects every year from 2021 onwards, in line with its Purpose.

Key figures in

55 %

of external cullet* integrated into our production, all colours and all models combined

* external cullet = glass from the collection of households and CHR (Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants)

cullet processing centers, for which €15 million were invested between 2018 and 2020

38 %

of  R&D budget has been invested to improve the energy efficiency of our furnaces

100 %
of our glass sites are certified ISO 140001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety)
68 %
of our waste is recycled

Our commitment is threefold

We are convinced that glass is one of the most durable materials. The circular economy, which is at the heart of our strategy, leads us to work on three main areas: increasing collection, optimizing the integration of cullet and developing reuse.

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Ensuring the health and safety of everyone in the workplace is one of our priority objectives. We want to provide a safe and inclusive work environment for our teams. Inclusion is key. It means pursuing our objective of gender equality and promoting diversity of profiles: training, experience, nationalities, which enrich the Group on a daily basis; it also means doing everything possible to promote the recruitment and well-being of disabled workers.

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Our notations

With a rising score of 75/100, our Verallia Group is pleased to have won the EcoVadis Platinum Medal that reflects the quality of our environmental performance and social responsibility. Proud of our teams.

Recycle always more

100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable into new food packaging, glass is at the heart of the circular economy. As a committed player, we aim to increase the rate of external cullet use in production to 66% by 2030.

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