The Group’s 10,000 employees can count on their employer’s strong commitment to health and safety.

91% of the employees who participated in the latest engagement survey (3) identified compliance with safety rules as one of the Group’s key professional behaviors. Awareness campaigns, risk awareness programs… are priorities issues Verallia adresses as closely as possible to the field.

Another major challenge is to build an inclusive work environment in an industrial world which has largely favoured the recruitment of men due to the conditions in which its jobs are carried out. This means lightening the load-bearing requirements and, more generally, making workstations accessible to as many people as possible. It also means acting voluntarily to integrate different profiles into recruitment and to incorporate more diversity into the workforce.

Our Group is established in local ecosystems, as close as possible to local communities and often in rural areas, and contributes to the economic development of those communities, offering its employees the opportunity to acquire skills and unique glassmaking knowledge.

Our actions to ensure a safe and inclusive work environment for all
  • Guarantee team safety
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Support the development of our employees
  • Foster employee well-being


Find our detailed action plans in our CSR report.


  1. TF2 = Frequency rate 2 = Accidents (with and without work stoppages) per million hours worked.
  2. Number of female executives as a percentage of the total number of executives, according to the definition of the category used in each country.
  3.  Verallia Engagement Survey – March 2021.